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You're interested in building your own website and need to find out how using DIYweb4U can help you.

You may be under the impression that to create your own website you need to know how to code, or hire a website developer to do it for you. You wish you could build your own website and update it yourself, saving you time and costs.

Well, if you choose to use DIYweb4U, the website builder does it for you AND there's nothing you have to learn. Once you're done with a quick tour of the admin panel you'll be able to load a template of your choice, enter your own content and publish! [Click here for example websites created with DIYweb4U Website Builder]

We have created a platform that's rigid in its structure (so you can't break your website), yet flexible enough to allow you to create your own, unique and professional-looking website for yourself.

Whether you are a small business owner or a private blogger or whether you need a place to start selling your products online, using DIYweb4U's website builder is the ideal way for you to get your website up and running quickly and at an affordable cost, while still keeping control and editing the content yourself as the need arises and when it best suits you - even on the go!

Below is a list of why we think using DIYweb4U is the website builder to choose.

10 Reasons to Choose DIYweb4U

1. Quick & Easy

It's designed to get your website online as quick possible. The website builder interface is easy to use - it's as simple as logging in, loading your chosen template, adding your own content & publishing. [View Demo]

2. Value for Money

Starting from as low as R69 per month, there are pricing plans and packages to suit different budgets and requirements. Discounted payments available for 3, 6 and 12 month payments. The value in this is that you get your own domain name, website & email hosting and website builder (no contracts and no hidden costs).

3. Unique Domain Name

Look professional with your own domain name along with custom email address. This is part of all packages, so there's no need to upgrade, or to advertise your business using a common address or using a URL that either looks strange or promotes other companies.

4. Professional Looking Designs

There are over a hundred templates to choose from and with themes applicable to different businesses and industries. These are easy to load, and if you don't like it, simply load another one until you're happy with what you have.

5. Easy Modifications

Once you've loaded your template and designed your website, you will be able to customise it even more via the page editor or applications panel. Navigation, colours, page width, backgrounds, buttons, adding social media links, image gallery, review slider, contact form and more. The website builder also allows you to design and create your own website from scratch for those of you who are more design savvy and don't wish to make use of the ready-made templates.

6. Fully Responsive Design

Your website will always display correctly across all types of devices. You won't need to have a separate editor or to configure a mobile app for this to work. Your website is optimised to adjust automatically to the device it's being viewed on.

7. Search Engine Friendly (ie Google friendly)

All websites built with DIYweb4U comply with search engine friendly practices:

  • SSL encryption (example:
  • Responsive and mobile or device friendly
  • Coding which helps search engines index your website content easily. You will be able to rename pages (easier URL's to read), add page title and page description, use H1 through to H6 tags, add link title tags and image alt tags
  • Verifying that you're the website owner is easy (often required by search engines when you submit your URL to them)

8. More Solutions

Additional functionality is available if you opt for the pro packages. Ideal if you're starting a blog for the first time or if you need to build an online store (using South African Rands), or you need to add custom forms (eg: Get a Quote or Booking form).

9. Widget & Plugin Friendly

There are numerous very helpful bits of code from third party sources that you can use to make your website interesting or more functional for your users. ECWID, Payfast buttons, financial tickers, Youtube movies, Google Maps and live chat are a few examples that have been used.

10. Good Support

You'll be given access to your own admin panel which is user-friendly with handy tours. There's also loads of detailed help steps available in the help centre, and if the need arises there's reliable email support. We are here to help you create your own website, giving full assistance when required.

Choose DIYweb4U

In a nutshell, DIYweb4U provides you with your own custom domain name, your own email addresses, website hosting AND you get to create your own website and edit it as and when you like ... an all-in-one service. This means you won't need to hire a website developer to build your website, nor pay for future updates. At the same time you don't need to know how to program or code nor would you need to download programs or keep up with updates!

So, if you like the reasons mentioned above and you're a newbie to web design and need a reliable online presence, you've got a couple of good reasons to try DIYweb4U.

To get started, click here go to the Sign Up page.

Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any queries before signing up, or read through the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.
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