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Create your own professional looking Website today - it's easier than you think!

Whether you need a Business Website, Personal Website, Blog, Online Shop, or want to sell your Courses Online, with our all-in-one Website Builder Package you can simply set it up and manage it yourself!

Our DIY Website Builder is designed to make it easy for you!

Once you've logged in, make yourself a cup of coffee, follow the easy steps that are outlined for you in the Help Centre, and your home page can be done quicker than you expected!

Setting up your Home page
  • First you scroll through the website templates (over 250 to choose from)
  • Once you've chosen one that you like, click 'Yes' to install the template
  • If the template's not quite right, you can change it with a single click
  • Upload your images via the image uploader in your Admin Panel
  • Click on the home page 'edit' button
  • You can keep any existing images in the template or replace them with your own
  • You'll also have direct access to a vast library of stock images via your Admin Panel
  • Change the wording in the headings and paragraphs etc., with your own wording
  • Click 'Publish' to see what your new home page looks like live
  • If you want to unpublish the page for any reason, just click 'Unpublish'
  • There is a step-by-step guide to help you get started, a Help Centre search function, and an alphabetical help index. If you need to, you can also give us a shout and we'll assist you all the way
Finishing-off your Website
  • Your template is already installed, so now you can setup all your other pages
  • Give all your pages relevant names, eg: About, Products, Contact etc ...
  • In the Applications section, you'll find various useful ready-made features to install on the pages
  • These include Social Media icon links, sliding banners, image gallery and so on ...
  • With one click, you can change your web pages from narrow to wide, and visa versa, and then select the size that you prefer
  • If you're setting up a shop you'll find the process to be self explanatory once you're in the Shop Admin.
    The same applies to the Online Courses and Courses Admin
Managing your Website
  • Any time you feel like it, you can further customise the look and feel of your website
  • You can play around with features such as themes, colour schemes, image effects and more...
  • If you just want to change some wording or images, login to your Admin Panel, make the changes and click 'Publish'
  • You can also search the Help Centre for topics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and implement the recommendations
DIYweb4U all-in-one Website Builder
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