Templates & Layouts

Template Installation

Installing a template is straightforward.

  • The templates are all numbered
  • When you see one that you like, you simply select its number from the dropdown menu and the template is installed and ready to use
  • Changing a template is also done with a single click, and you can change templates as much as you want until you find one that is suitable
  • Once you're happy with the template, insert your text and images, click publish, and that's it! You have a website
  • You can also change templates any time afterwards by saving the content and re-inserting it into the new template
Template Installation

Content Layouts

Content layouts are additional features which can be used to replace existing layouts in the Template, or to quickly add more on a page

You have 147 combinations of image, text, panel, contact form and blank layouts.
You can insert as many layouts on a page as you need.

Example of a layout with
image and wording placeholders

Page Content Layouts

Replace the image and wording
with your own. That's it!

Page Content Layouts
Page Content Layouts


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