Images, Media, Video and Audio


Image Utilities

  • Image uploader
  • Image folder to view your uploaded images
  • Wide Range of Free Stock Images

Image Applications

  • Individual Images
  • Image Gallery
  • Sliding Banners
  • Sliding Thumbnails
  • Sliding Portfolio

Image Effects

There are loads of effects that you can apply to your images with a single click, such as:

  • Turning your images into circle images
  • Applying drop shadows
  • Adding a lightbox effect ... and more

Uploaded Images Folder
Image Uploads

Free Stock Images
Image Stock

Lightbox Image Effect
Lightbox Effect

Image Editor

  • You can edit an existing image or insert a new image on the page via the Image Editor
  • Select your image from the Image List, edit the Size, add a Description, and Style (Border, Circle, Rounded Corners, Drop Shadow, Border and Drop Shadow)
DIYweb4U Media-Video-Audio


Movies are a useful tool for engaging your viewers and promoting your brand.

  • Inserting media files such as movie clips, Youtube and sound files, is done by simply copying and pasting the supplier's code snippet into the Media Editor
  • Video Banners (hero video, height sizes:600, 500, 400 and 300px, optional headline, intro & button link)
DIYweb4U Media-Video-Audio


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