Applications Panel

The Applications Panel is where you can customise your website

You can edit themes, background images, sliding banners, access free stock images, add widgets and third party code, setup a blog... and more

Applications Panel

Social Media

The Social Media icons are pre-installed.

  • Individual icons can be switched On or Off

They can be applied to:

  • All pages or individual pages
  • Menubar icons
  • Sticky buttons: WhatsApp, Share
  • Social media live embeds
Social Media

File Uploads Utility

Upload PDF files and other documents for viewing or downloading from your website.

  • These could be your rates, application forms, company profile, etc.
  • You can view the list of all the files that you've uploaded, and delete ones that you no longer want
DIY File Uploads

Third Party Code

There are pre-made fields in your Applications Panel where you simply insert the supplier's code snippet.

  • You can add script code or links
  • Add Facebook Pixel
  • Google Site Verification
  • Google Analytics code
  • Google Maps location script

Third Party Code can also be inserted in the Page Editor source code, and Media Editor.

Google Maps


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