Admin and Page Editor

Admin Panel

Your Admin login page is neatly laid out with quick access to the various sections.

  • You have links to your Account Details, Website Templates, Page Admin, Page Editor, Applications Panel, Shop, Blog, and Courses Admin, Bookings, Reminder Scheduler, Email Management, and 'Under Construction' notice
  • There are also links to the Help Panel, Support Contact, and handy tours of the different sections in your Admin
Admin Panel

Page Admin

Your Page Admin handy tools.

  • Page Names list
  • Page Editor link
  • Install Page Template
  • Rename Page
  • Delete Page Contents
  • Publish or Unpublish Page
  • View Page Live

Page Admin

Streamlined Page Editor

Your Page Editor tools.

  • You get a comprehensive, neatly laid out Page Editor, with clear and concise toolbar functions, and other handy applications
  • If you've worked with Excel or Word etc., then you'll be familiar with the concept
  • There are also useful step-by-step help guides, and support contact

Page Editor


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