Payment Methods

PayFast and Yoco are fully integrated with the DIYweb4U Online Shop and Course Sales applications.
These payment methods can be enabled or disabled with a single click via your Admin Panel.
If enabled this allows customers to choose their preferred payment method!


Credit and Cheque Cards
Instant EFT

CR Code Apps
Apple Pay

Capitec Pay
Samsung Pay

Debit Cards


Scan To Pay

Store Cards



  • All Visa and MasterCard cards that are 3D Secure enabled are accepted, including international cards like American Express
  • Your customer will be able to choose to make payment using instant EFT or card
  • Yoco Instant EFT, similar to other instant EFT payment products on the South African market, gives online customers access to their internet banking to make an Electronic Funds Transfer that gets instantly verified
  • Yoco Instant EFT is integrated with major banks in South Africa enabling access for 95%+ of users

Direct Payments

Pay on Invoice:

  • There's no setup required for this option
  • When the customer places an order, it is emailed to you
  • Once you receive the order, you then send the client your invoice with the payment details

Direct EFT:

  • Setup is required with this option
  • When the customer places an order, the order is automatically emailed to them and a copy is emailed to you
  • The order email will include the EFT details that you would have saved in the setup section
  • The customer can then make payment without waiting for an invoice