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Online Shop Admin Features

The Online Shop application enables you to sell products or services online and process transactions securely.
Online Shop Examples

Shop Settings

  • Shop Setup: Enable/Disable the Shop, Set Orders Email Address, VAT % and activation, Delivery Options: (Name, Description, Delivery Cost, Enable/Disable), Stock Quantities (Enable/Disable, Get 'Low Stock' email alerts), Shopper Options (Default/Account/Allow Guest Shopper)
  • Shop Info: Shop Name, Shop Description, Shop Info/Message
  • Shop Appearance: Intro Banner Image, Banner Style, Shop Search Bar, Footer Contact Section
  • Shop Layout: Category Buttons, Category Order, Item Listing Style, Items Per Page
  • Shop Payment Methods: Pay on Invoice, Direct EFT, Payfast, Yoco

Product Categories

  • Add Category: Category Name, Category Description, Display Items (Alphabetically, Item Order, Most Recent Edit), Show Page Numbers, (None, Top, Bottom, Top & Bottom), Switch Category On/Off
  • Category: Sort, Status (On/Off), Items, Images (Upload & Manage Images)


  • Add Item: Item Details (Code, Name, Description, Image, Price)
  • Optional Info: Item Availability (Default, Pre-order, Out of Stock), Stock quantity, Show stock quantity in shop
  • Attributes: Enable/Disable, Eg: Size, Colour, Model, Volume, etc., Additional Cost (Optional), Stock Quantity
  • Condition: New, Refurbished, Used
  • Add a Note: Eg: Made to Order, Cut to Order, Coming Soon, etc...
  • Info Sections: Two additional info sections available per item (Enable/Disable)
  • Promote Item: Special Price (Optional), Add Item to Shop Showcase (Optional)
  • Items: Number of items, Sort By (A-Z, Z-A, Item Added, Most Recent Edit), Price, Show in other Categories, Download Item List (CSV), Reset Category Specials
  • Notifications: Notification Requests (Out of Stock, Item, Email, Date Requested), Sent Notifications (Back in Stock, Item, Email, Date Requested, Notification Sent)
  • Stock Quantities: Download Stock Quantity List, Sort By: (Item Code A-Z, Item Code Z-A, Item Name A-Z, Item Name Z-A, Stock Qty 0-9, Stock Qty 9-0, Most Recent Update), Item Code, Item Name, Stock Qty (Item - Name, Stock Qty, Low Stock Level)
  • File Library: Upload Files, Purchased/downloaded files notification, Delete file link

Shop Customers and Orders

  • Shop Customers: Customer Details (Username, Name, Surname, Email, Phone, Address, City, Province, Country, Postal Code)
  • Orders: Sort, Order No., Customer Name, Date, Order Ref, Order Total, Payment Status, Order Status
  • View Order: Date of Order, Payment Status, Delivery Status, Print Order
  • Delivery Receipt: Shop Contact Details, Customer Details, Delivery Confirmation, Print
  • Update Order Status: Date Order Placed, Order Ref, Order Total, Payment Status (Pending, Paid, Received), Order Status (Pending, Processing, Delivered), Delete Customer's Order/s (Individual, All)

Shop Showcase

  • Showcase Title, Showcase Description, Display Items (Alphabetically, Item Order, Most Recent Edit), Showcase Preview (Display on the Shop Front page (Optional), Display on the Website Home page (Optional)), Switch On/Off

Shop Specials

  • Specials Title, Specials Description, Display Items (Alphabetically, Item Order, Most Recent Edit), Specials Preview (Display on the Shop Front page (Optional), Display on the Website Home page (Optional)), Switch On/Off


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