Build Your Own Clothing Store Website

Build Your Own Website Build Your Own Clothing Store Website

Clothing Store Websites

Clothing designers, you can easily create a clothing website yourself, and you don't need to be an expert website designer!

Ideal for a Clothing Brand Website
  • Create your own website to showcase your clothing brand and fashion items
  • Add information such as the quality and type of fabrics used, where your clothing items are sourced from and the latest clothing trends you're supplying
  • Use your clothing/model photos in your gallery to display your clothing options and styles
  • List contact details on how and where your clothing products can be purchased
Great for an Online Clothing Store
  • Having your own online store where your customers can purchase your items is part of making your clothing brand a success
  • Get started with our entry-level online shop, which is easy to setup and get your products online
  • Easy to create categories and add each of your clothing items you provide
  • A good idea to include a style blog to share your knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry

Have a look at an example Clothing Store Website

This Men's Clothing Store example website makes use of banner sliders, contact form and embedded Google Map for store location.

Once you've loaded the clothing-styled template that you like, you will be able to customise it with your own content and style. For example make sitewide changes (type of background, width of the menubar and/or page, colour scheme and fonts), as well as make changes to content on the individual pages. Each page then gets published with the click of a button. It's easy, quick and you're online!

The DIYweb4U Website Package Includes

  •   Your own domain name
  •   SSL enabled (https://)
  •   Easy to use website builder
  •   150 templates to choose from
  •   Ready-to-use layouts
  •   Responsive & mobile device friendly
  •   Search engine friendly
  •   Social Media, Video links
  •   Dropdown menus
  •   Photo gallery
  •   Banner & text sliders
  •   Sliding Portfolio
  •   Contact form
  •   Fax to email service
  •   Emails with auto reply & forwarding
  •   Online support & help panel
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