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You can build your own website for your business. Use a website builder!

DIYweb4U Website Builder provides you with all the necessary tools to create your own website. Anybody can do it! If you know how to send an email you'll be able to design your very own website too.

The website builder interface is easy to use - it's as simple as logging in, loading your chosen template, adding your own content and publishing.

Create your own 24/7 shop window -- get your business found online and look professional by displaying your services or products (or sharing ideas if you're a blogger) in your own time. Using DIYweb4U website builder, you will be assisted in getting your business online quick and easy AND at an affordable price.

DIY Website Builder features

1. Easy

You can literally build your own website in under 10 minutes! The easy-to-use website builder interface is structured and yet flexible enough to allow you to create your own, unique and professional-looking website for yourself. You can build your own website with no coding skills or previous experience. Once you've chosen your template you can add your own content and publish (i.e. get online).

2. Affordable

Starting from R69pm! There are different packages available depending on your budget and requirements. You'll be given the option to pay either monthly or discounted for long term payments. And because you're doing it yourself and not having to pay a website designer you're getting more value for your money. All packages include the necessary tools to get your website published and found - you won't need to upgrade to enable your website to be search engine friendly.

3. All-in-one

Get your own domain (URL), email addresses, website hosting AND website builder! With the website builder you will be given both website templates and webpage layouts to apply. There are also multiple features to add to make your website interesting (eg: banners, sliders, image effects, adding third party code, etc). Being able to edit your website, in your own time, gives you full control over your website.

DIYweb4U provides you with all the necessary tools to get your website online:

DIY Website Builder Dropdown Menus SSL Domain
Responsive Design Image Popup Gallery Search Engine Friendly
Website Templates Reviews Slider Email Auto Reply & Forwarding
Content Layouts Image Effects Fax-to-Email Service
Contact Forms Social Media Links No Updates Required
Image Stock Banner Sliders No Program Installation

4. Friendly

You'll get a lot of friendly when using DIYweb4U! It's user friendly, mobile friendly, Google friendly, search engine friendly, widget and plugin friendly AND you get friendly support!

DIY Websites

South African business owners simply cannot afford not to be found online. Creating your own website and looking professional with your own business domain name and email address is now easy and affordable. Signup to get your business domain name and get started building your own web presence asap.

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Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any queries before signing up, or read through the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.
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